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Discover the Difference with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most common, fastest, and easiest ways to enhance the look of your smile. The results are instant and can last many months. In a single visit, you can walk out the door with teeth that are up to 10 shades brighter than they were when you walked into the dentist’s office.

In-house teeth whitening treatments use stronger teeth whitening agents than what is found in over-the-counter teeth whitening products. The results are a brighter smile that is immediately noticeable and which is longer-lasting. At-home, over-the-counter teeth whitening products still work as complements to in-office, professional teeth whitening.

What to Expect for Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

Patients should expect their in-office teeth whitening procedure to last 60-90 minutes depending on the desired shade. While teeth whitening is a routine, uncomplicated procedure, minor gum irritation may occur. This gum discomfort is temporary and should disappear shortly after the procedure is completed. Below are the steps you can expect when you come in for your teeth whitening procedure:

  • We will first document the current shade of your teeth to get a baseline whitening starting point.
  • Once you notify us of the shade you want, we will then use pumice to polish the surface of the teeth. This will scrape off any plaque or debris on the tooth surface as well as rough up the surface of the teeth for better absorption of the peroxide teeth whitening agent.
  • As the hydroxide whitening agent can cause irritation to the soft tissue of the mouth, including the gums, tongue and inside of the cheeks, retractors and gauze, as well as a gum barrier will be used to isolate the teeth. This separation will also help keep the teeth dry which will help the whitening agent be better absorbed into the teeth.
  • Next, the front surface of the teeth will be coated with the whitening solution.
  • A UV laser will then be shown onto the teeth to activate the peroxide in the teeth whitening agent. The whitening solution will be left on the teeth for 30-60 minutes. Sometimes, the reapplication of the solution may be needed.
  • When the desired shade of white is attained, the teeth will be rinsed with water, followed by a fluoride rinse.

We advise patients to avoid teeth-staining foods such as coffee, red wine, tea, tomato sauce, and mustard for 24 hours.

At the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, we can give you the long-lasting, bright smile you have always wanted. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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