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Here, at the Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry, we look at our job from three different angles: as preventative dentists, as restorative dentists and as cosmetic dentists. We not only care for the health of our patients’ teeth and gums, we also care about the appearance of our patients’ smiles.

We Are Preventative Dentists

As your preventative general dentist in Alabama, we provide you with continuous dental care through regular hygiene appointments. These services include cleaning and flossing, full mouth and gum exam, oral cancer screening and periodic x-rays to detect decay, bone loss or other problems that affect your oral health. Preventive dentistry may not be where we start with every patient, but it’s where we like to finish.

We Are Restorative Dentists

Restorative dentistry means that we repair damage from injury, infection, disease or decay in the mouth. What needs to be repaired will determine what treatment procedure we’ll perform. Restoration dentistry options are numerous. The most common dental restorations include fillings, crowns and bridges. We offer numerous restorative dentistry treatment options to help restore your smile and teeth to a healthy and attractive state.

We Are Cosmetic Dentists

Here comes the fun part. . . we are cosmetic dentists. We love a beautiful smile. With all the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, we can take discolored, cracked, chipped or misaligned teeth and make them a work of art. Through cosmetic dentistry procedures such as porcelain veneers, bonding and tooth whitening, we’ll help you get that “Extreme Make-over” smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re looking for a preventative, restorative or cosmetic Northport dentist, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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