Interesting Facts About Your Mouth

Your mouth does some incredible things. Inside your mouth are your teeth, gums, tongue, the opening of your throat and sinuses. Without these, you couldn’t eat, drink, breathe, smell, taste, swallow and speak. Because of everything connected to your mouth, it is important to care for your mouth to ensure everything inside it looks great and functions properly.

The mouth is also a complex, misunderstood part of the body. To pique your interest and stress the importance of dental care, here are some interesting facts about your mouth you may not have known:  

People have been caring for their teeth for a long time. The first toothbrushes were sticks and the first toothpaste used in ancient Egypt consisted of crushed egg shells and animal hooves. Bristled toothbrushes were around by the 1700s. The toothbrushes we’re familiar with came into existence in the 1930s.

Your teeth are really hard. In fact, the enamel of your teeth are the hardest part of your body!

You drool a lot. In your lifetime, your mouth will produce more than 25,000 quarts of saliva. For an idea of how much that is, it is enough to fill two swimming pools!

Your teeth can give you away. Did you know that your teeth can reveal your age, where you’re from, what your diet consists of and even the status of your overall health? Yep, you’re teeth aren’t going to lie so you’d better take good care of yourself.

Your smile is truly, uniquely yours. Everyone has a unique smile. The size and shape of a person’s teeth is uniquely different from that of anyone else’s. Your smile is unique to only you. What’s more mind-blowing is that every one of your teeth are different from the others. Your individual teeth are unique!

Your tongue is a unique muscle. The tongue is made up of eight intertwined muscles called the muscular hydrostat. This grouping of muscles are the only muscles in the body that work independently of the skeleton.

Cavities are a big deal. Despite spending an average of nearly 39 days over one’s lifetime brushing one’s teeth, tooth decay (cavities) are the second most common disease, right after the common cold.

Your oral health and overall health are connected. It is estimated that as much as 50% of life threatening diseases have oral symptoms. Some of these conditions include: diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

A good chunk of your teeth are hidden. If you think your large top front teeth are big enough, just know that what you’re seeing is only two-thirds of them. The remaining one-third is hidden underneath the gum line.

Flossing is important. If you think flossing is an optional add-on to thorough teeth brushing, think again. By not flossing, 35% of each tooth’s surface doesn’t get cleaned!

Milk can save your tooth. Unlike baby teeth, adult teeth aren’t replaceable. If one of your adult (permanent) teeth gets knocks out, have it soak in milk and then hold it in place in your mouth until you get to your dentist or nearest emergency room. Going to the dentist immediately can increase the survival of the tooth.

Your tongue size can reveal your weight. Your tongue naturally has a high fat content. As you gain weight, some of that fat gets redistributed to your tongue. In essence, the fatter the tongue is, the more the person weighs.

Your mouth is an amazing and complex. It is important to take proper care of it. If you’re overdue for a professional dental cleaning and oral exam, contact us at Marshall, Shofner & Phan Center for Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry to schedule an appointment.


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