Q&A for Your Local Family Dentists in Alabama

Finding the right dentist for your family can be a challenge whether your family has recently relocated to a new city or you’re in search of a new family dentist because the one your family has been going to for years recently retired.

The dental needs of your family are unique so it is important to shop around for dentists in your area that provides the services and type of care your family needs.

Below are some answers to common questions people have regarding finding the right family dentist in Northport and Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

What should I look for in a family dentist?

When looking for a family dentist in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you’ll likely be bombarded with many dental offices. Some family dental offices , however, are better than others. Some dentists don’t put as much emphasis on pediatric and family dentist as others.

How do you tell a real family dentist from one that just says it in their name? Be sure to look at these things:

  • The level of pediatric dental experience of the dentists and staff
  • Reviews from past patients
  • The look and feel of the office
  • The attitude and behavior of the dentist and staff
  • The variety of dental services

A dental office claiming to be a family dentistry but has limited or no experience in treating pediatric dental patients won’t be able to provide the same level of care and treatment your child’s oral health requires. Children have different oral care needs than adults and a pediatric dentist will know that.

The Internet can be your friend in helping you read past patient reviews, view the office’s services and images of the exterior and interior of the dental office. Learning what the experiences of other family have been as well as seeing the interior of the office can give you clues into the dental office’s pediatric dentistry expertise as well as how much effort they are willing to put into making their office kid-friendly and inviting.

Go and visit the family dental offices on your list and speak to the staff and dentists. Also observe their interactions with other patients. Are they courteous, respectful, happy, energetic and friendly? Are they encouraging to young patients?

How do I find the right dentist for my family?

As mentioned earlier your family has unique oral health needs. Your family also has a schedule and budget to follow. When looking around for family dentists in Northport, Alabama, take these things into consideration:

  • The variety of services offered
  • The hours of operation and ease of getting appointments
  • Amount of kid-friendly features in the office
  • The kind of interactions the dentists and staff have with both young patients and their families
  • Costs of services and types of insurance the office accepts
  • The location of the dental office

Why choose a family dentist over a general dentist?

If you have older kids you may be tempted to argue, why not go to a general dentist? Everyone in the family can get treated in one place. It is convenient to go to a general dentist or your family’s dental needs. However, children’s teeth, gums and overall oral health have different needs than those of adults. While your child could get proper dental treatment, it won’t be ideal.

A family dentist office that doesn’t have kid-friendly features can add to your child’s anxiety and uneasiness of going to the dentist.

If you’re looking for a family dentist in the Tuscaloosa-Northport Alabama area contact us at For the Perfect Smile today to learn how we can best serve your family and meet their unique dental health needs.

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