How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Dental implants are the most common solution for replacing missing teeth. The technology is well-established, and we’ve seen how they can impact a patient’s smile.

We have found, over the years, that dental implants actually do more than just provide a cosmetic solution (though that’s obviously a big part of it). We’ve seen patients experience real improvements to the quality of life because of these little devices.

How exactly does this work? Let’s consider a few of the ways a dental implant can affect your daily life for the better.

Restore Functionality

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or multiple teeth, it can impact your ability to speak and eat normally. Even if the missing tooth isn’t readily apparent to others, they may detect some subtle changes in your speech. On top of that, suddenly some of your favorite foods aren’t quite as edible as they once were.

You don’t have to put up with that, though.

Dental implants can restore the functionality of your mouth, making it easy to speak and eat just like you once did. Implants can also contribute to the stability of your bite and balance your smile (and yes, we consider smiling an essential function of your mouth and teeth).

Maintain Health

Missing teeth can have detrimental effects on your health. when you have a gap in your teeth, it can open you up to more bacteria and infections. It can even allow your remaining teeth to start shifting positions, which could change your bite, which could then cause some pain while you’re chewing or even while you’re speaking.

However, you can contribute to your overall health by replacing those teeth as soon as possible.

Implants help preserve and maintain the integrity of the bone structure. It can help you avoid infections and make it harder for bacteria to build up (which can happen with traditional, removable dentures).

Build Confidence

When someone feels like they can’t share their smile with others, it can have an unfortunate impact on their confidence. No one is more aware of the gaps in their teeth than the people who are experiencing the situation.

By replacing their teeth, we’ve seen patients go from mumbling when they talk and closed-mouth smiles to sharing their bright, healthy smiles with everyone they meet.

A Psychological and Physical Powerhouse

A smile is a surprisingly powerful little thing. Psychologically speaking, it tells the people around you that you’re feeling good about something, that you’re friendly and approachable, and that you have a positive outlook on the world around you.

However, a smile is also physiologically important. Just by moving the corners of your mouth up into a smiling position signals your brain that something good is happening, and therefore it’s time release some neuropeptides and a few endorphins. In other words, a smile can literally make you feel better.

Don’t let lack of a tooth keep you from experiencing this natural mood enhancer.

For Denture Wearers

Traditional dentures have a definite tendency to irritate gums and move around in the mouth. They made it so people couldn’t enjoy some of their favorite foods, and they required extra care to keep them clean and usable.

Even if you need to replace several teeth on either arch, the same implant technology can make a huge difference. Instead of removable dentures, we can replace several teeth with implant-secured dentures. It’s a great option that lets you experience the benefits listed above.

Whether you’ve lost a tooth (or teeth) through decay or trauma, it’s important to get them replaced as soon as possible. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about this procedure and how it can help you.


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