Gum Disease and how it Affects Those with Diabetes


Periodontal disease and diabetes have a “two-way street” relationship. If you have one you are more susceptible to the other. Why you may ask? Well it is all in how your body deals with blood sugar. One of the complications of diabetes is thickening of the blood, which decreases the blood vessels ability to deliver oxygen and nourishment to tissue in the body, this includes the mouth. When blood thickens, the flow of nutrients and removal of harmful waste takes a hit, and in turn the resistance of infection within the mouth takes a hit, too.

Take a look at bacteria… these little buggers thrive on sugar, including glucose, which is the sugar that is connected to diabetes. When diabetes isn’t properly controlled, the glucose levels within the mouth are amplified and set the stage for germs and bacteria to wreak havoc within the mouth.

What can you do?

Take control of your oral health, or… take control of your diabetes. Don’t let one or the other affect your ability to have a healthy life. When you are aware of how each one reacts with the other, you are more likely to have a healthy grasp on your oral and overall health. Be diligent when it comes to your daily dental routine. Brush (at least) twice a day, floss (at least) once a day, and keep up with regular dental visits. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to know more about how it affects your oral health, contact us today and our friendly, highly trained, and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have.

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